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Attana provides customers with biologically relevant information to enhance the success rates and efficiency of their research and development processes. Since 2002, our proprietary products and services have been validated by leading academic institutions, biotech companies and big-pharma across the world.

About Attana

Attana on Today in America from Attana on Vimeo.

Founded 2002 in Stockholm, Sweden, Attana's mission is to bridge the gap between biochemistry and cell-based assays by offering improved selection of drug candidates based on more biological relevant information.

With a strong focus on characterizing molecular interactions exactly as they occur in the human body, Attana is committed to offer tools and services with the goal of enhancing success rates and efficiencies in the complex process of developing pharmaceuticals. Attana’s biosensors are today used to determine specificity, kinetics and affinity, among other binding characteristics of biomolecules and macrostructures of varying species such as cells, antibodies, proteins, viruses and bacteria.