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Attana QCM technology

Attana’s QCM technology offers an innovative platform to study molecular interactions thanks to its independence of proximity, size and optical parameters, low non-specific binding surfaces and optimized fluidics.

How does Attana's QCM technology work?

The Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) technology is a sensitive balance capable of measuring changes in mass on a molecular level. An applied AC-potential causes the quartz crystal to vibrate at its resonance frequency. As molecules flown over the crystal bind to the surface, the vibration frequency changes. The difference in frequency is direct proportional to the change in mass and is used to characterize label-free molecular interaction in real time. Click to watch video

The power of Attana’s QCM technology

Measure interactions directly on cells and in crude matrixes!
The QCM technology can be used to measure label-free biomolecules and macrostructures such as antibodies, proteins, carbohydrates, cells, DNA, bacteria, viruses (for other biomolecules please contact us). Cells can be grown directly on the sensor surface and binding and subsequent release between the cell receptors and their interaction partners can be measured in a biologically relevant environment. On our low non-specific binding surfaces interactions can be measured directly in crude matrixes so that the analytes do not have to be purified, giving results that are in close correlation to what would happen in the human body.