attana - sensor technologies


Attana systems can be used within a wide range of applications and assays. Thanks to the robust, temperature controlled, continuous flow system the biosensor can handle samples from small molecules up to large complexes, from peptides to cells as well as pure and crude samples in biochemical and cell based assays. Screening and kinetic measurements can be performed with ease using one of the fully automated Attana systems.

Cell-based assay

Attana´s label-free cell-based biosensor allows in situ evaluation of binding characteristics where uncleared crude and serum containing samples can be directly analyzed at the cell surface.

Biochemical assay

Attana’s QCM-based family of biosensors all allow for label-free, real time interaction analysis with crude or serum containing samples for an unlimited number of biochemical applications.


An association rate difference between biochemical and cell-based assays indicates the accessibility of the receptor and can easily be measured with the Attana cell-based biosensor.

Off-target interaction

Evaluate binding specificity with the Attana cell-based biosensor by screening for off-target interactions directly on cells.


Investigate detailed kinetics in an in situ environment and obtain crucial information about the interaction such as avidity effects occurring at the cell surface by using Attana’s unique “one-stop-shop" system.

Kinetics & Affinity

Obtain a full dynamic profile of an interaction such as detailed data about the strength and the reaction rates of the binding allowing selection based on several desired qualities.

Crude sample analysis

Characterize the binding events of an interaction without purifying or modifying the samples and select only those candidates with biologically relevant properties for downstream in vivo application.

Serum sample analysis

Run serum and plasma containing samples directly in the Attana QCM systems without dilution, purification or tedious labeling procedures enhancing a faster and cheaper process.

Sandwich pair selection

Combine a classical sandwich pair selection with the real-time, label-free and continuous-flow features of the Attana systems and obtain a full dynamic screening approach.

Hybridoma Screening

Characterize hybridomas better, faster and cheaper with the Attana biosensors without the need for costly and time consuming purifications.

Clone Screening & Selection

Recognize clones of poor quality early in the discovery process and spend more time and money characterizing candidates with relevant features, generating a faster and cheaper process.


Improve drug delivery shuttles and enhance resolution of medical imaging within the field of nanomedical applications.

Molecular sizes

Study interactions between all kinds of molecule sizes, from small molecules to macromolecules with Attana´s straight forward QCM systems.

Active concentration measurement

Measure active concentrations of proteins, antibodies, recombinant proteins or biomarkers with great accuracy and specificity with the Attana´s QCM systems.


Determine aggregation in biologics with high sensitivity and efficiency with the Attana biosensors for improved development of biologics.


Immobilize His-tagged proteins on the Attana LNB sensor surface for detailed interaction studies or for extraction and purification - analyze with the Attana QCM-systems.