attana - sensor technologies

Biochemical assay

Attana’s QCM-based family of biosensors all allow for label-free, real time interaction analysis with crude or serum containing samples for an unlimited number of biochemical applications.

All kinds of macromolecular interactions can easily be studied such as antibody-antigen, protein-DNA or interactions with carbohydrates. The full binding kinetics (ka and kd) and affinity (KD) is provided using the user-friendly and intuitive Attaché-software. Depending on the assay set up, additional information such as thermodynamic parameters of the molecular interactions can easily be obtained.

Attana’s proprietary QCM technology permit for characterization of biochemical interactions directly in crude or serum containing samples, allowing for circumventing tedious and costly purification processes or obtaining biologically essential interaction kinetics during in vivo like conditions. Attana’s QCM instruments are combining world leading sensitivity in the pM range with high quality information from biologically relevant experiments, generating the most diverse choice of a biosensor to analyze biochemical interactions.