attana - sensor technologies


Nanoparticles are gaining increased attention from industry and academic institutions bearing great developmental potential for applications such as nanomedicine.

Nanomedical applications are spanning improved drug delivery shuttles to enhancing resolution of medical imaging. The Attana QCM-based biosensors offer great flexibility for characterizing and evaluating nanoparticles and their applications.  For pharmaceutical applications the nanoparticle can bear the therapeutic action or provide functionality, acting as a specific drug carrier. With a high surface to volume ration, nanoparticles can easily be functionalized. Modifications and labeling can influence bioavailability and features such as pharmacokinetics and dynamics, these properties can with ease be screened in straight forward assays using the Attana biosensors. Further, since Attana offers both high quality biochemical and cell-based assays in one system a more detailed characterization than ever possible before can be achieved.