attana - sensor technologies

Target ID & validation

Proper drug target selection and validation are crucial to the discovery of new drug candidates in order to generate a faster track to drugability.

Drugs often fail in the clinic either for not having the desired activity or for proving to be unsafe. Both of these are often the direct result of deficiency in early target identification and validation. The only way to be completely assured if a target is drugable and has the right role in a given disease is to test the idea in humans. Naturally such clinical trials cannot be used for early drug development, which means that a potential target must undergo a validation process, i.e. its role in the disease must be clearly defined before drugs are developed to act against it, or before it is used to screen large numbers of candidates for drug activity.

Since the Attana biosensors have been developed to perform analysis with features contributing to a surrounding as close as possible to the in vivo environment, the results will be based on only biological relevant information providing a better understanding of the details of the underlying biological mechanism. This means that samples can be run in up to 100% serum, under a continuous flow and directly to a target on the cell surface (the latter using the Attana Cell 200 instrument).  Characteristics such as target accessibility under a continuous flow, accessibility in serum and off-target interactions are all highly relevant information when validating the drugability of a target. The Attana systems offer both high quality biochemical and cell-based assays for target validation, providing information such as binding affinity, kinetics, rate-limiting steps of the interaction. Recognize and eliminate failures early in the drug discovery process and focus on the successful cases confidently identified and validated by using the Attana system in target identification and validation.