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Attana A200

The label-free Attana A200 biosensor is characterized by high stability and low noise resulting in accurate and high quality data.

Furthermore, the ability to run unmodified crude and serum containing samples under precise temperature control, robust fluidics and a variety of surface chemistries, all combine to provide a versatile system that can provide increased biological information. The Attana A200® biosensor instrument is a label-free, continuous-flow, dual channel system providing assay flexibility and parallel referencing. The enhanced features of the optional Attana A200 C-Fast (completely automated) system maximizes productivity by allowing unattended analysis of up to 192 samples. Fast and intuitive set-up includes pre-programmed methods and templates, further demonstrating the system’s efficiency. For compatibility and convenience, samples may be loaded in the microtitre plate format (MTP). For sensitive samples or extended operation, an optional cooling tray is available controlling sample storage temperature at 4-40˚C.

The Attana A200 instrument can easily be upgraded to the Attana Cell 200.   

The system is delivered operation ready and includes instrument, computer, software and accessories such as syringes, vials and buffer bottles.

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Upgrade A200 instrument to Cell 200 instrument

Besides having the added value of measurements on cells the Attana Cell 200 system also has all of the features of the Attana A200 system and having the benefit of being able to run all of Attana’s wide range of sensor chip surfaces. The Attana A200 instrument can easily be upgraded to the Attana Cell 200. 

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