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Attana Cell 200

The label-free Attana Cell 200TM biosensor is a key component of Attana’s vision to provide the ability to measure molecular kinetic interactions in biologically relevant systems. The "one-stop-shop" instrument makes it possible to combine the strengths of both high quality biochemical and cell-based assays in one system.

The continuous flow, temperature controlled Attana Cell 200 provides a full dynamic profile of the interaction to be studied, label-free and in an idealized in vitro-environment, in real time. This means that interactions which were previously only possible to study at the direct macromolecular level can now be analyzed in the natural biological context with unmodified crude biological samples and directly on the cell surface. Cells can be cultivated directly on Attana’s proprietary cell surface or captured from cell suspension before analysis. The interactions can be studied at physiological conditions such as normal salinity, 37˚C and under various flow rates. The QCM technology is label- free and has no need for secondary detection. As the ligand interacts with the intact cell in real time, the data captures the complete dynamics and complexity of the interaction, generating data of high information content.

The ability to cultivate, treat and analyze the cells directly on the sensor surface minimizes handling and perfects cell conditioning. Two parallel channels give the possibility to run the experiment in duplicate or use one channel as external reference. Automation and controlled sample storage ensures system stability and sample integrity, this together with robust fluidics allows unattended long runs. Thus, the Attana Cell 200 delivers secure data of the highest possible quality and is time efficient.

The system is delivered operation ready and includes: instrument, sensor chips, computer, software and accessories such as syringes, vials and buffer bottles.

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Upgrade your A200 instrument to a Cell 200

Besides having the added value of measuring on cells the Attana Cell 200 system also has all the features of the Attana A200 system and the benefit of being able to run all of Attana’s wide range of sensor chip surfaces.  The Attana A200 instrument can be upgraded to the Attana Cell 200.  

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