attana - sensor technologies

Active concentration measurement

Whether working with proteins, antibodies, recombinant proteins or biomarkers, it is essential to be able to measure active concentrations with great accuracy and specificity, which can easily be done with all Attana´s QCM systems.

Based on the QCM technology the Attana biosensors are directly measuring mass changes of macromolecules binding to the sensor surfaces with high sensitivity. The binding event is quantified and the actual active concentration can be determined. Using Attana's A200 biosensor in combination with Attana's proprietary Low Non Specific binding sensor surfaces allows interactions to be measured in crude samples without any disturbing background noise and non-specific binding. The assay can be used to follow protein purification and monitor titer changes. It can also be used for QC testing batch-to-batch differences and to probe protein stability.

Current standard methods do not capture the active concentration or isomer influence and require time consuming procedures. The Attana instruments permit unattended measurement determination in real time of the active concentration of proteins with different molecular weights, resulting in rapid results and lower variability than ELISA techniques, which means more reliable information compared to current standards of operations.