attana - sensor technologies

Binding Characterization

Characterizing the binding events of an interaction from both a biochemical and a cell-based assay is essential in order to fully understand the details of the underlying biological mechanism at the molecular level. 

The label-free Attana QCM systems provide a full dynamic profile of the interaction to be studied in real time, under a continuous flow and in a temperature controlled environment. Providing the full binding characteristics, involving kinetics of both targeted and off target interactions as well as specificity, enable information such as rate-limited step of the interaction or accessibility of receptor. 

A “one-stop-shop” offering both high quality biochemical and cell-based assays in one system where the binding events to biomolecules such as antibodies, proteins, carbohydrates, cells, DNA, bacteria, viruses (for other biomolecules please contact us) can be measured and characterized. With the Attana biosensor the samples can advantageously be run crude or with up to 100 % serum directly on cells to obtain a surrounding as close as possible to the in vivo environment within the biosensor, getting the real specificity of the reaction in the natural environment early in the discovery phase of the drug development process.