attana - sensor technologies

Quality control

High quality and efficacy are keys in any process in order to achieve maximum cost efficiency and to ensure success in drug development and manufacturing quality control (QC).

Using Attana’s label-free QCM-based biosensors it is possible to easily reassure the quality in any step of a production process. Ranging from diverse applications such as establishing the concentration and yield in crude or serum containing samples directly from the first step of a production line, to evaluate the active concentration after purification processes, Attana’s biosensors will readily provide the critical information.

Further since Attana’s instruments offer both high quality biochemical and cell-based assays, screening directly at the cell surface allowing for accessibility verification of a drug candidate to its surface target and detection of off-target interactions. The later two being essential quality check points for early detection of pharmaceutical drug candidates that successfully will pass in later developmental phases, saving time and money focusing only on the correct candidates for a fast track to drugability.