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The user-friendly Attaché software suite links all aspects of the Attana systems, from instrument control to data collection and analysis.

A methodical interface guarantees ease-of-use and intuitiveness in an operational environment. In Attaché, the following software are included: Attester, C-fast and Evaluation. In addition to the Attaché software the TraceDrawer software can be used to analyze collected data from Attana instruments. 

Attester Software

The Attester® software controls both the biosensor while running experiments and presents experimental data in real time. The software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The on-the-fly analysis enables the user to quickly analyze the results while still running the assay.

Key Features

  • Real-time sampling
  • Instrument control: Temperature, flow-rate, and injection valve
  • On-the-fly analysis

C-Fast Software

The C-fast provide the possibility of automated analysis of up to192 samples. Fast and intuitive set-up includes pre- programmed methods and templates, further demonstrating the system’s efficiency. During the analysis the samples can be stored in a controlled temperature 4-40 °C, ensuring the stability for sensitive samples and for extended runs. For compatibility and convenience the samples the sample may be loaded in the microtitre format (MTP). 

Key Features

  • Graphical programming
  • Pre-programmed methods
  • Tray area overview and calculations
  • Integrity control

Evaluation software

The Evaluation software is used to evaluate the collected data files. The software provides automatic referencing and a range of analysis tools and exports the data in a range of formats. The Evaluation software is also available in an office version for easy analysis in the office and simulation of future experiments.

The Evalution software was developed in collaboration with Ridgeview Instruments AB, which is compatible with all Attana software.

Key Features

  • Data overview
  • Automated referencing
  • Multitude of analysis tools
  • Export and Report functions
  • Experiment simulation


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The Attaché office for the Attana A200 instrument  (3465-3001) can be purchased online or by email at

The Attaché office for the Attana Cell 200 instrument  (3466-3001) can be purchased online or by email at