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Contract Research

Attana contract research services provide powerful competencies and biosensor expertise in characterizing biomolecular interactions. We also cooperate with Westminster Biosensor Services, together offering customers unmatched biosensor services. 

Attana Contract Research Services

Fast track to drugability - Attana Research Services are geared to quickly provide customers with biologically relevant information within crucial processes and application areas. With unparalleled knowledge of the Attana systems, technology and application areas, our application specialists are uniquely qualified to assist R&D teams around the world.

The Attana Cell 200 allows studies of biomolecular interactions between proteins, DNA and carbohydrates as well as interactions to cells cultured on our sensor surface.

Sample of services offered:

Cell line start-up  - We set up culture conditions for your cell line on Attana COP-1 sensor chips based on your knowledge of the cell line. Establish if cell fixation is necessary, and if so, test different fixation agents. Initial binding test and regeneration scouting.  Analysis and reporting.

Biomolecular start-up - We set up immobilization conditions based on your knowledge of the ligand (a protein, carbohydrate, DNA or nanoparticle). We provide amine coupling to an LNB carboxyl surface, capture to a biotin surface and physiosorbtion to polystyrene. Initial binding test and regeneration scouting. Analysis and reporting.

Cell-analyte interaction ananlysis - Injection of your analyte over cells cultured on Attana COP-1 sensor chips. Analysis and reporting.

Biomolecular-analyte interaction ananlyis - Injection of your analyte over cells cultured on Attana COP-1 sensor chips. Analysis and reporting.

Sample deliverables:

  • Kinetic measurements, on- and off-rates and affinity (ka, kd and KD)
  • Concentration determination
  • Off-rate screening eg. hybridoma screening
  • Epitope mapping/binning eg. ELISA development
  • Competition assays
  • Receptor accessibility 

All of our custom antibody service processes are controlled under our ISO 9001 standards and procedures.

Contact us to discuss your molecular interaction requirements.


Westminster Biosensor Services

Westminster Biosensor Serviceses the UK’s first institution to invest in this latest technology providing a powerful, secure and efficient method for characterizing molecular interaction for the research community.

Miriam Dwek (PhD) Reader, Group Leader

Our lab is interested in targeting the cancer cell surface and developing high-affinity binding drugs. We develop new in vitro models to assess high affinity binding ligands aimed at targeting cancer cell surfaces. The biosensor technology offered here is an integral part of our workflow.




For more information and contact read more at Westminster Biosensor Services.