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LNB-Carboxyl sensor chip

The LNB-Carboxyl sensor chip is Attana’s most versatile surface for studying molecular interactions. The Attana proprietary LNB surface gives low non-specific binding making the surface suitable for interaction studies with both pure and crude samples, such as cell culture supernatants, lysates, periplasmic extracts and even 100 % sera as running buffer directly in the instrument.

The surface is easily transformed to a capture surface with Attana Mouse IgG Capture Kit (3518-3001) or Attana Human IgG Capture Kit (3519-3991). It can also be adapted for His-tag capture applications.

  • Coupling strategy: Amine coupling
  • Ligand: Free amine group.

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The product can be purchased in pack of 3 (3623-3033) or in pack of 10 (3623-3103) online or by email at