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The TraceDrawer software can be used to analyze collected data where several advanced binding models are included as a complement to the Evaluation part of the Attaché software suite that links all aspects of the Attana systems. 

TraceDrawer Software

As an alternative to using Attester evaluation Tracedrawer can be used to analyze collected data. In Tracedrawer several binding models other than the common 1:1 model are available. The 1:1 model is usually applicable, however in the case of more complex binding events which often occur with molecular interaction with cells, such as off target interaction, other models can be more accurate. 

The TraceDrawer software was developed in collaboration with Ridgeview Instruments AB, which is compatible with all Attana software.

Key Features

  • Several kinetic interaction models
  • Data overview
  • Automated referencing
  • Export and Report functions


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The TraceDrawer software (3472-3001) can be purchased online or by email at