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Attana Cell 200 Training

Registration is open for the next Attana Cell 200 training session to be held in Stockholm on September 2-3. Take this opportunity to learn more about how Attana can enable your research!

September 2-3, 2014 (Stockholm)

We have opened registration for a training session on the Attana Cell 200 which is unique in enabling label-free full interaction profiling in cell-based assays, thereby providing kinetic information - to understand the interaction between lead candidates and their targets!

We will provide you with added value to your research by giving you a tool to study:

¤ The accessibility of the target molecule in the cell membrane. Affinity and kinetic rate constants considering the natural effect of clustering of receptors, sterical hindrance from cell membrane and carbohydrates.

¤ Off-target interaction information such as interactions with serum proteins and interactions with cell membrane molecules.

To participate or to find out more, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you soon!