attana - sensor technologies

Cells on Attana COP1-chip showing membrane, organelles and nuclei

The Attana Cell 200 instrument enables label-free interaction studies of how therapeutic candidates interact with ligands directly on the cell surface, providing information on targeted and off-target kinetics, accessibility of receptors under biological relevant conditions.

A picture from University of Westministerof SKBR3 cells viewed under the conocal microscope following cellular staining of the membrane and intracellular glycoproteins with ConA (red) and nuclei with ToPro-3 (blue). Read more about their work on University of Westminster or in A novel approach to determining the affinity of protein–carbohydrate interactions employing adherent cancer cells grown on a biosensor surface”; Diluka Peiris, Anatoliy Markiv, G. Paul Curley, Miriam V. Dwek; Biosensors and Bioelectronics; Volume 35, Issue 1; 15 May 2012; Pages 160–166.