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Karlstad University and Attana Receive KK-stiftelsen Grant

The Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) has awarded Karlstad University in collaboration with AstraZeneca, Waters Nordic and Attana a grant for a R&D project for improved characterization of molecular interactions.

Stockholm, December 15th, 2014 – The Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK Stiftelsen) has recently awarded 90 MSEK in grants split between 22 Swedish collaborative research projects between industry and academia.

“Collaborative research projects strengthen the competiveness and science in Swedish society” says The CEO of the Knowledge Foundation, Madelene Sandström.

“At Attana we have a long history of successful collaborations with academic institutions. Together with our industrial partners and Karlstad University, this project will study molecular characterization interactions in a biologically relevant context. The goal is to be able to better predict the functions of drug candidates at an earlier stage in the research process,” comments Attana´s CEO, Teodor Aastrup.

For more information visit KK-stiftelsen.