attana - sensor technologies

Label-free interaction analysis

To increase the success rate in the design and discovery of new therapeutic candidates, it is essential to understand the interaction mechanism in a biologically relevant environment.

Many standard methods require tedious and costly labeling procedures in order to detect and analyze the compounds to be studied. Attaching labels to the compounds might at worst have a huge impact on their physical properties and can also induce steric effects, thus giving unreliable analysis results. The label-free Attana QCM technique on the contrary circumvents any induced modifications of the compounds and speeds up the process by limiting the need of experimental steps, thus minimizes risks and costs and increases success rate during clinical trials.

Power to your research

Our real time, label-free systems offer speed and versatility in providing high quality data. The result: in-depth analysis of molecular interactions in a wide variety of applications.

Simplicity in your research

Our systems are developed with the end-user in mind: plug-and-play operation, rapid start-up, intuitive assay set-up and pre-programmed methods and templates are just a few of the system features. The result: save time and maximize productivity in your research.