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Malaria protein could be key in destroying 9 of 10 cancers

Attana customer CMP and group leader Prof. Ali Salanti presents groundbreaking cancer research.

Stockholm, October 15, 2015 – Research carried out by Professor Ali Salanti's group at The Centre for Medical Parasitology (CMP) at the University of Copenhagen/Rigshospitalet has been covered by the world press. The reason for the publicity is their research paper, "Targeting Human Cancer by a Glycosaminoglycan Binding Malaria Protein" which was recently published in Cancer Cell (©Elsevier Inc).

18 months ago Dr. Salanti's group received their second Attana system and at the time commented as follows, “We recently engaged Attana CRO services to verify cell assays, and the positive outcome led us to purchase an Attana Cell 200 system of our own.” The research partly enabled by their Attana Cell 200 system has now lead to a possible breakthrough in cancer therapy.

Attana congratulates Prof. Salanti and his team on their accomplishments to date and wish them continued success.

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An abstract of the publication can be found here.

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