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Spring 2015 Training Courses

Attana has announced the Spring 2015 Schedule of training courses to be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Courses are tailored to help you master the skills needed to design, develop and run successful biosensor assays.  

Attana courses are held at least twice a year at our offices in Stockholm, Sweden*. Besides learning about cell- and sera-based biosensor assays, the courses provide an opportunity to meet with other Attana users and share your ideas and experiences. Our dedicated Application Specialist team is in charge of the course to help you master the skills needed to design, develop and run your biosensor assays. The courses are highly appreciated among participants and reviews from our fall 2014 sessions include:

“Very useful. I didn’t expect to learn so many new things in only three days!”

“It was a very good and interesting learning experience. I appreciated the hands on approach.”

“The application part makes the understanding of the principle of QCM easier!”

*Upon request, courses are also offered on site at customer location. For customized training courses please contact


Course Schedule

March 17-19 - QCM overview course: For participants who would like to know more about the technique, but do not have access to an instrument. A 2-day overview course including introduction to Attana QCM, biochemical kinetic assays and kinetics on cells. All topics covered by lectures as well as practical lab work.

Duration: 2 full days

Prerequisites: None

April 20 - Preparatory Workshop (offered in conjunction to Step II):For new users who have access to an Attana instrument. Condensed version of the Step I course. Provides participants with basic knowledge and practical skills to confidently operate the Attana A100 and 200® system series.

Duration: 1 full day

Prerequisites: None

April 21-22 - Step II: For certified Attana instrument users. Provides participants with a thorough understanding of concepts related to molecular interactions and gives a deeper knowledge of how these concepts can be applied to biosensor assays. The course adopts a mix of learning, including presentations, real-life examples and dry lab computer exercises.

Duration: 2 full days

Prerequisites: Step I or Preparatory Workshop


Registration is required and is open until 30 working days prior to the course. To request more information or sign up to one of the courses, kindly send an email to with your name, company, title, email, phone number and invoice address.

We look forward to seeing you soon!