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The Centre for Medical Parasitology CMP at University of Copenhagen – expands research capabilities with their second Attana system.

Stockholm, March 11, 2014 – The Centre for Medical Parasitology (CMP) at the University of Copenhagen/Rigshospitalet has recently expanded their research capabilities with the purchase of an Attana Cell 200 system.

CMP is focused on malaria research, covering a wide range of disciplines from laboratory research in Copenhagen to applied field studies in Africa. Major current research topics include drug resistance, experimental parasitology, immunology, parasite biology, pathogenesis, and vaccine development.

CMP has employed their Attana A100 instrument since 2008 in their vaccine development project which has already resulted in several scientific publications and a PhD thesis. With the addition of the Attana Cell 200 system, CMP will enable a wider range of studies, including biologically important cell based assays.

“We have been working with Attana systems for more than 5 years here at CMP and are very pleased with both the capacity of the systems and the service and support which Attana provides. We recently engaged Attana CRO services to verify cell assays, and the positive outcome led us to purchase an Attana Cell 200 system of our own,” says Prof Ali Salanti, Director of Research at CMP.

Attana Sales Director, Thomas Ljungberg adds, “Attana was founded in 2002 to provide better and more efficient systems within life science research. The fact that we now have two of our systems assisting CMP in their malaria and cancer research is naturally very gratifying.”

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