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University of Belgrade - Now Enabled By Attana

The Faculty of Chemistry at University of Belgrade – expands their research capabilities with an Attana system.

Stockholm, September 17th, 2014 – The Faculty of Chemistry at University of Belgrade has recently expanded their research capabilities with the purchase of an Attana 200 system. The research group of Assistant Professor Natalija Polović is active within the field of infectious diseases which have decimated the European population severely (plague, the Black Death, cholera, Spanish fever, tuberculosis, anthrax). At the beginning of the current millennium, the same or similar diseases, are once again on the increase and diseases associated with bacterial infections are still one of the leading causes of death. The increased incidence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria suggest that this trend will continue and intensify in the coming years.

The main goal of Asst. Prof. Natalija Polović´s research group is the identification and characterization of plant and mammalian proteins that possess bactericidal activity in order to develop agents for the treatment of bacteria that are multi-resistant to antibiotics. Identification of the innate immune response proteins and characterization of their interactions with pathogen recognition motifs present on many bacteria may shed new light on the innate defense mechanisms and represent a powerful alternative to conventional therapies. They are also engaged in investigation of cold stability (denaturation, aggregation) of these proteins in order to find optimal conditions for the storage, as well as in the identification and production of enzymes that could facilitate penetration of therapeutic components through the connective tissue.

Asst. Prof. Natalija Polović has previous experience of the Attana instrument in her work at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, where it is used to perform detailed interaction characterizations and she is now anticipating rewarding experiments: “We will use the Attana systems to characterize our proteins' interaction with bacteria in order to achieve an improved understanding and thereby identify suitable agents against bacteria that are multi-resistant to antibiotics.”, says Asst. Prof. Natalija Polović.

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