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To measure the full binding profile of the drug-receptor interaction direct in serum or plasma samples is crucial to obtain information about the immune response and the underlying biological mechanism and can easily be done with all Attana systems .

Immunogenicity is the ability of a substance, e.g. an antigen to stimulate an immune response, a reaction, in vivo. It is the desired response in the case of a natural activation of the immune response by pathogens or in the case of a vaccine but undesired in the case of a therapeutic drug, part of this response is e.g. the production of anti drug antibodies, ADA, against the antigen.

In a vaccine theses antibodies are the desired result, strengthening the patient’s immune system, whereas for a therapeutic drug neutralization of the active drug or inducement of unwanted side effects that can case complicated reactions for the patient.

Measuring the antibody drug response in serum or plasma is a crucial part of vaccine and pharmaceutical drug development and can be done with all Attana instruments as standard applications. In addition, the Attana Cell 200 offers researchers the ability to more thoroughly investigate the role of T-cells and B-cells in immunogenicity. The advantage with the label-free Attana approach is that it provides the full binding profile of the ADA response including concentration and kinetics.