attana - sensor technologies


Attana offers dedicated biosensor technology expertise through a variety of services to existing and new customers, all tailored to match our customers' unique needs. With unparalleled knowledge of the Attana systems, technology and application areas, our application specialists are uniquely qualified to continue assisting pharmaceutical R&D teams around the world.

Contract Research

Attana Research Services are geared to quickly provide customers with biologically relevant information within crucial processes and application areas.

Attana Lab Visit

Visit the Attana labs to test/perform experiments with the expertise of our application specialists.

Attana Demo

Attana application specialist provide customers with instrument demos, both on site and in-house.

Proof of Principle (PoP) Studies

Our application specialist set up, run and evaluate a study using your samples, to demonstrate how an Attana system can benefit your specific research.

Assay Development Services

The Attana Application Specialist & Support team develops and optimizes assays in collaboration with customers.

Instrument Training

The Attana Application Specialist & Support Team offers both basic and advanced training sessions, spanning instrument introduction to assay set up, optimization and evaluation of biochemical and cell based assays.

Application Support

The dedicated Application Specialist & Support team provide customers with a variety of support functions in the usage of the Attana systems.

Technical Support

The Technical Support team provides on-site service of Attana systems.

Service & Support Agreements

The Attana Service and Support Agreements provide a full customer support at a fixed annual fee or you can pay-as-you-go.