attana - sensor technologies

Crude sample analysis

To fully understand the details of the underlying biological mechanism at the molecular level, it is important to characterize the binding events of an interaction in a biological relevant environment without purifying or modifying the samples.

Using Attana’s QCM based biosensors, unmodified crude samples such as cell culture supernatants, lysates, serum and periplasmic extracts can advantageously be directly analyzed in the biosensor uncleard and without purification or tedious labeling procedures, resulting in limited need for sample processing and rapid results with low sample volumes. The full binding kinetics (ka and kd) and affinity (KD) is easily provided with the same reliability and precision as for a standard biochemical assay.

The Attana proprietary Low Non Specific binding sensor surfaces allows interactions to be measured in crude samples without any disturbing background noise and non-specific binding.  Off-rate-screening, kinetics-evaluation, epitope mapping, active concentration measurement are assay examples where crude samples have been performed with the Attana systems. 

Perform detailed assays or rapid screening for higher throughput. The Attana systems can be run completely automated allowing screening of, for example, up to 192 antibody-antigen pairs directly from crude samples, such as hybridoma supernatants, without the necessity to purify or label the antibody. Get the most out of an assay, by analyzing crude samples directly and in their true native biological environment with any of the Attana QCM system.