attana - sensor technologies


Producing recombinant proteins with Histidine-tags (His-tags) for fast purification is a well established technique and is widely used among laboratories around the world.

His-tagged proteins can easily be immobilized to the Attana LNB-Carboxyl sensor surface for detailed interaction studies to its binding partner or for extraction and purification processes and analyzed with all Attana QCM-biosensor systems.  

A surface with immobilized His-tagged proteins is easily regenerated with known conditions, resulting in fast assay optimization. Other advantages with His-tag immobilization are that the protein is homogeneously oriented on the surface and that a fresh protein is used for each interaction analysis. The Attana His-tag capture surface can easily be prepared from the Attana LNB-Carboxyl sensor chip surface and has proven suitable for capturing different His-tagged proteins to the sensor surface via nickel (Ni2+) chelation of nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA). The surface features high stable capture capacities with slow off-rate and allows easy regeneration and interaction analysis for multiple cycles. The surface density is controllable and enables interaction analysis with both pure and crude samples.

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