attana - sensor technologies

Sandwich pair selection

The Attana biosensor systems provide a straight forward and added value sandwich pair selection. Combining a classical sandwich pair selection with the label-free, continuous-flow and real-time features of the Attana systems offer a full dynamic screening approach.

Attana´s straight forward QCM systems offer a dynamic screening approach providing characteristics such as concentration determination, off-rate screening, epitope mapping, binding stability, full kinetics (kd, ka and KD), aggregation screening and competition assays all in one assay, generating a faster and cheaper process. The assay can advantageously be performed in crude as well as with purified samples helping the user to understand the full complexity of the interaction.

The classical sandwich pair selection assay follows three to four steps: a capture antibody is immobilized to a surface, sample with an antigen is added to bind, thereafter a second antibody is added for binding. The last step is then often followed by adding a secondary antibody for detection.