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Serum sample analysis

Running serum and plasma containing samples directly in the Attana QCM systems without dilution, purification or tedious labeling procedures result in limited need for sample processing and rapid results with low sample volumes.

Using Attana’s QCM based biosensors; up to 100 % serum as sample buffer can be analyzed directly in the system without dilution, purification or tedious labeling procedures, generating a faster and cheaper process. The full binding kinetics (ka and kd) and affinity (KD) is easily provided with the same reliability and precision as for a standard biochemical assay.

Inclusion of serum in an assay provides essential biological information due to the complex composition of endogenous matrix that might have a huge impact on the interaction characteristics but consistent to the in vivo environment. The Attana biosensor fluidics and the proprietary surface coatings are optimized for crude and serum samples and permits screening of candidates without worrying about clogging or unspecific background binding and no extra washing steps are needed. In the end saving time and money trough generating a concentrated downstream pipeline focusing only on the biologically relevant candidates.