attana - sensor technologies

Assay development

The label-free Attana QCM systems are powerful tools in assay development and provide endless possibilities for evaluation binding events when developing diagnostic tools, such as ELISA kits and immunoassays.

The Attana systems offer a dynamic screening approach that yields high affinity binding for developing reliable assays with high accuracy and sensitivity. Applications such as antibody off-rate screening, epitope mapping, active concentration measurements, kinetics and affinity, measurements in pure samples, crude and up to 100 % serum can all be performed with the Attana instruments. All Attana biosensors are developed to operate in an idealized in-vitro environment allowing only candidates with biologically relevant properties to be selected for downstream in vivo applications. When developing diagnostic tools for patient samples the Attana Cell 200 offers the possibility to measure binding kinetics and affinity of candidates directly to cells grown and immobilized on Attana COP-1 sensor chip.