attana - sensor technologies


To investigate the full binding profile of the drug-receptor interaction is crucial to obtain information about  the underlying biochemical and physiological effects of the pharmacokinetics, PK, which can easily be done with all Attana systems.

PK is the sum of at least four different factors: The rate of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion, (ADME):

Absorption: The passage of the drug from its site of administration into the blood circulation.

Distribution: The transport path of the drug from its initial point of administration or absorption to its site of action.

Metabolism: The biotransformation of the drug into other compounds (metabolites)

Excretion: The removal/elimination of the active form of the drug from the body by metabolism and all forms of excretion.

PK describes the factors in the biological system that affects the drug action.

The Attana systems can be used to measure part of the PK, for instance measuring the effect that serum has on the binding affinity and kinetics. In particular the measurement of concentration variation and binding profile over time can provide important information about the distribution.