attana - sensor technologies

Clone Screening & Selection

To recognize and eliminate clones of poor quality earlier in the discovery process, more time and money can be spent characterizing the candidates with relevant features, generating a faster and cheaper process.

Attana’s label-free QCM-based biosensors permit unattended high throughput screening of 2 x 96 samples, providing detailed high quality information. A dynamic screening approach will provide characteristics such as concentration determination, off-rate screening, epitope mapping or full kinetics and affinity (kd, ka and KD).

Results can be followed in real time and are easily obtained with user-friendly and intuitive intuitive Attaché software (and/or TraceDrawer software for analyzing collected data) providing straight forward ranking of the clones.

The continuous flow and fluidics of all Attana’s biosensors allow for detailed screening of crude and serum containing samples such as hybridoma supernatants, without the need of dilution, purification, incubations or extra washing steps. Presence of serum in the first screening process of pharmaceuticals as monoclonal antibodies allow the selection based on truly biological relevant properties enhancing a faster track to drugability.