attana - sensor technologies

Kinetics & Affinity

Kinetics not only describe the binding strength (KD), but also the reaction rates (kd and Ka) of an interaction allowing selection based on several desired qualities can be obtained providing a full dynamic profile of the interaction to be studied.

These details can easily be characterized with all Attana systems in an in situ-like environment providing results based on only biologically relevant information to better understand the details of the underlying biological mechanism. This means that samples can be run in up to 100% serum, under a continuous flow, in a temperature controlled environment and directly to a target on the cell surface in all Attana instruments  (the latter using the Attana Cell 200 instrument).  Characteristics such as target accessibility under a continuous flow, accessibility in serum and off-target interactions are all highly relevant information when validating the drugability of a target.

Characterizing the binding events of an interaction from both a biochemical and a cell-based assay is essential in order to understand the details of the underlying biological mechanism at the molecular level. The label-free Attana Cell 200 biosensor offers both high quality biochemical and cell-based assays in one system providing a full dynamic profile of the interaction to be studied in real time, under a continuous flow and in a temperature controlled environment. Providing the full binding characteristics between biomolecules such as antibodies, proteins, carbohydrates, cells, DNA, bacteria, viruses (for other biomolecules please contact us), involving kinetics of both targeted and off-target interactions as well as specificity, enable information such as rate-limited step of the interaction or accessibility of receptor.