attana - sensor technologies


Attana’s biosensors provide access to biologically relevant information of highest quality. Whether the question is to quality control the production line of a biological pharmaceutical or to gain insight into advanced dynamic features of target molecules, Attana biosensors will provide the critical information. Presented below is information how Attana systems can improve specific processes or contact us directly and we will tell you more.

Physiological relevant information selection

Study target interactions in their native environment and select only candidates with biologically relevant properties for downstream in vivo applications.

Binding Characterization

Characterize the binding events from both a biochemical and a cell-based assay is essential in order to understand the details of the underlying biological mechanism.

Characterization & Selection

Characterize and select the successful candidates as early as possible in the discovery process by biologically relevant information and generate a faster and cheaper process.

Biomarker analysis

Attana’s QCM-based biosensors are excellent tools for quantification and characterization of biomarkers, combining high sensitivity and high quality analysis for both biochemical and cell-based assays.