attana - sensor technologies

Biomarker analysis

Attana’s QCM-based biosensors are excellent tools for quantification and characterization of biomarkers, combining high sensitivity and high quality analysis for both biochemical and cell-based assays in one system.

Biomarkers are essential diagnostic indicators for assessing disease states. Hence, there is a great medical need for highly sensitive, fast and economic methods for analyzing the presence of biomarkers in collected tissue samples. Using Attana’s instruments, serum and plasma containing samples can be directly analyzed in the biosensor without dilution, purification or tedious labeling procedures, resulting in limited need for sample processing and rapid results with low sample volumes.

Further Attana’s biosensors are excellent tools during assay development and optimization of diagnostic tests, being able to quickly characterize binding kinetics, affinities and map epitopes of antibodies as well as other reagents.