attana - sensor technologies

Instrument Training

Standard courses

In the Attana portfolio there are two standard courses hold by the dedicated Attana Application Specialists, one basic and one more advanced course. Both Step I and II are two days courses and accommodation will be arranged when the course is held at Attana headquarter. Contact us for price quotation.

▪         Step I course

The Attana Step I course is always included in the installation of an instrument to educate the new users to feel comfortable to use and handle the instrument. The Step I course is held at customer site and is available for everyone and can be hold on request also when new users will take over the use of the instrument. The course is basic and the participant doesn’t need any prior knowledge.

▪         Step II course

The Support Team also offers a Step II course for those who wants deeper and more advanced knowledge about how to work with the Attana biosensor systems and how to set up and evaluate biochemical and cell based assays.

Tailored courses

In addition to the standard courses, the Support Team offers tailored courses for those who wants even deeper knowledge or an extended or shorter course with a specific content made after your own wishes.