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World class biosensor technology services for research driven and innovative customers.

Attana offers world class dedicated biosensor technology expertise through a variety of services, all tailored to match our customers' unique needs. We are geared to quickly provide customers with biologically relevant information within crucial processes and application areas.

Contract research

All inclusive

Outsourced lab

We have the right equipment and the right resources. Outsource it all and we act as your temporary or permanent lab. This model is perfect when you are exploring this close to your core.


Hire our lab

When you have the samples and the resources but not access to the latest technology bring everything to us and use our facility for a long or short period when exploring and qualifying your research.


Inhouse lab

When you need extra capacity in your lab we bring or edge technology and our experienced project leaders and applications specialists to you. This services is available for a specific period or longer projects.

With unparalleled knowledge in interaction analysis, or edge technology and application areas, our co-workers are qualified to continuously assisting pharmaceutical R&D teams world wide. Our 3rd generation biosensor allows studies of biomolecular interactions between proteins, DNA and carbohydrates as well as interactions to cells cultured on our sensor surface. When we combine our edge technology and experienced staff we will boost your drug development process. Please don't be surprised if our insights challenge your traditional research methods. Remember that cell interactions is our passion.

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