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Attana offers analytical biosensor instruments and world-class dedicated expertise through a variety of services, all tailored to match our customers' unique needs. We are geared to quickly provide customers with biologically relevant information within crucial processes and application areas.

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Analtyical biosensor instruments

 The Attana Cell 200 is a dual channel, label-free, temperature controlled, continuous flow system for automated analysis of molecular interactions with cells and tissues.

The Attana Cell 200 system is characterized by the ability to study molecular interactions with cells grown directly on the sensor surface. Even higher biological relevance is attained through features such as continuous flow, physiological temperatures and label free detection. High data quality is achieved by direct measurements in real-time, avoiding disturbances caused by secondary detection.

The QCM core technology enables the study of biomolecules of varying species such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids and lectins and also binding moieties of vastly different sizes, ranging from peptides to cells.



Contract research services

With unparalleled knowledge in interaction analysis and the cutting-edge Attana technology and applications, our co-workers are qualified to continuously assisting pharmaceutical R&D teams world-wide.

Our 3rd generation biosensor allows studies of biomolecular interactions between proteins, DNA and carbohydrates as well as interactions to cells cultured on our sensor surface. When we combine our edge technology and experienced staff we will boost your drug development process. Please don't be surprised if our insights challenge your traditional research methods.

Remember that cell interactions is our passion.

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