Our technology

Patented & Validated


Our QCM is a sensitive mass balance capable of measuring mass deposits in biological environments down to a sub-nanogram level.

Receiving our first approved patent in 2008, we are pioneers in the development of continuous-flow QCM systems delivering real-time bioanalysis of tissues and cells in whole blood and sera. Offering a wide range of assays we deliver a wealth of biologically relevant information.

Our most advanced biosensor yet

Cell™ 250


Our 3rd generation biosensor has a broad applicability and provides a wide range of biologically relevant insights through advanced bioanalysis


Our mission is to characterize molecular interactions exactly as they occur in the human body and we have proven to consistently deliver in vivo-like results and insights


Our technology and expertise has been validated by renowned academics, biotech companies and big-pharma worldwide and several of our customers have successfully entered clinical trials

Predict in vivo results through in vitro assays

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