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Stock information

Attana has issued shares in one class. You can follow the development here.

The share capital in the company is SEK 1,022,813,406, divided into 170,468,901 shares with a quota value of SEK 0.006.


ISIN: SE0010547273

Investor relations

Teodor Aastrup – CEO
Tel: +46-8-410 200 00

NGM mentor

Eminova Fondkomission AB
Tel: +46-8-684 211 00

News & press

Attana’s press announcements and news are published via Cision. Attana communicates in Swedish or English. Attana AB is required under the Swedish Securities Market Act to disclose certain information and such information is primarily provided in Swedish on the Swedish news room.

Information related to scientific publications from the company’s customers is primarily provided in English on the English news room.

If you wish to receive all information from Attana we recommend that you subscribe for news written in Swedish and English by visiting the news rooms.

Corporate governance

Board of Directors

Auditor: Petter Gustavsson (Carlsson & Partners Revisionsbyrå AB)